Skype for Web Now Available

Today Skype announced its web and beta version without needing to download any software.

Skype has been around for a long time and many of us probably don´t even remember how long we have been using it. We have been using Skype on smartphones, computers game consoles and TV´s but now, we are going to have a different way of using Skype, on a browser.


Skype for Web


Skype for Web is in its Beta state but those who just have downloading software, can now enjoy the service directly from their browser. Not everyone has Skype downloaded on their computers and someone may want to use Skype but only have access to the hotels computer in the lobby.

Now users can go to and use their favorite service to call family and friends. You are probably asking yourself from what browsers you will be able to use Skype and the answer is from Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. If you have already downloaded Skype on your computer, you can use the same sign in info to use Skype for Web.


Beta Skype for Browser


Before you jump for joy, you should know that Skype for Web is going to first be available for new users and a small number of already existing users and then it is going to roll out for everyone else in the coming months. Skype is also going to be sending invitations, so be prepared to see one when you sign into your Skype account.

Skype has also  mentioned that you will need to install a small plugin in order to start your conversations. So…Excited about Skype for Web?

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