Skype on Windows 10 – See What it Looks Like

Discover what Skype is going to look like on Windows 10.

You may be sick and tired of hearing about Windows 10, but there is more Windows 10 to tell. This time it is about Skype on Microsoft´s latest OS and what it looks like.


Skype Windows10


There will obviously be improvements to Skype on Windows 10, and that includes a visual overhaul and fewer steps when it comes to sending a message. Users will be able to create a message right from the taskbar and send it from there too.



It is definitely a good thing that Skype is making things easier for us and not complicating them. Some for good news is that, users won´t have to buy the app on Windows 10, since it is going to be included on the OS when you upgrade.

You are definitely going yo enjoy the more modern look Skype on Windows 10 is going to have and the similarities it will have with iMessage. Which ones? First, it will have a 2 panel interface and circular contacts.

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