Skype for Windows is Beta Free

Skype for Windows is now available for download, it has finally left Beta behind.

If you are the kind of person that will just not try any program in Beta, then these are definitely good news for you because Skype for Windows is Beta Free. That´s right, you can now Download Skype for Windows without all the bugs that Beta programs have.


Windows Skype


Not to far back, we saw a preview version of Skype for Mac OS X and Windows that brought us an up to date user interface that resembled the one Skype for mobile has. With the official Skype for Windows users can now enjoy things such as a more straightforward  way of sharing, chatting and seeing pictures.


Download Skype for Windows


Users will also be able to enjoy video calls and message simultaneously and the groups video conversations are now free of charge. There is no doubt that many users will enjoy what Skype for Windows has to offer. Don´t forget to let us know what your favorite feature is.

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