Smart Bicycle Arrives in The Netherlands

A $1,700 dollar intelligent bicycle that vibrates when it detects danger is coming to the Netherlands.

When it comes to bicycles, we have a large variety to choose from, but wouldn´t it be great if you bike´s seat was able to vibrate in danger was behind you? That is exactly what the intelligent bike that is available in the Netherlands does (among other things).


Netherlands Intelligent bike


The smart bike was especially made for the countries government and the great minds behind the bike is the Netherkands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). The bike is going to feature a forward looking radar that was installed below the handlebars and on the back riders are going to find a camera in the mudguards.

They will be making a model that the citizens can use, but it is not going to be available until 2 years from now. The price tag that the intelligent bike is going to have is 1.700 euros to 3,200 euros. If the bike detects that danger is approaching from the back, the seat will vibrate, but if there are obstacles in front of the rider, the handlebars will vibrate.

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