SmartMat – Intelligent Yoga Mat for Beginners and Experts

Thanks to SmartMat, you will always be able to hit that perfect pose.

We have all heard how great Yoga is for our health and mind, but if you have been avoiding it because you don´t people laughing at you poses, now there are no excuses. With SmartMat you will know down to the last detail if you pose you are doing is perfect or not. If you decide to pre-order it, you will need to head on over to and cough up $297.




When you first get SmartMat, you will need to go through a Physical Calibration so that it can learn your body. It is compatible with Android 4.3+ and iOS version 5+, so yes, you can use your iPhone 5, 5S and of course 6. You can easily charge your smartmat via USB to a standard 110v/220v outlet.



SmartMat gives you a 6 hour battery life and can easily connect to your smartphone or tablet. You can even take your SmartMat to the park, since it doesn´t require an Internet connection. SmartMat is full of sensors, but it can still be rolled up like any other Yoga mat. Looks like we are going to have to wait a good 6 months before it is available, so I guess that gives us time to practice our Yoga positions.

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