SnapCash Allows SnapChat Users to Send Money to Each Other

SnapChat users can now send each other money with the apps new money sending feature SnapCash.

I don´t know how well this new money sending feature on SnapChat is going to do, but hopefully it will be a feature we can trust. Hopefully many have gotten over the fiasco of some pictures not self-destructing after the indicated time and will have enough trust in them to try out SnapCash, the new SnapChat feature that allow users to send money to each other.


SnapCash de SnapChat


SnapCash is the the result of Square and SnapChat getting together, and there is a good chance that this feature will do just fine considering that Square is popular in payment solutions and credit card processing.

If you want to give SnapCash a try, setting everything up is easy. The first thing you are going to need to do is choose which credit card you want to use. When its time to send someone, you just have to type in the amount but remember that you will need to type in the dollar sign first.


You will see an example of this in the above video but when you start typing an amount the yellow enter icon will turn into a green dollar sign. If you think this is something you want to try, remember that SnapChat is available for Android and iOS.

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