Snapchat Flaw Allows Users to be Identified

Every app has its problems every once in a while and this it is Snapchat that has a big problem to fix.

It is normal that every once in a while an app has some type of problem.  If the problem is not too big, the problem is usually fixed within 24 hours but who know how long it is going to take to fix the problem that Snapchat has with its app. According to a security firm named Gibson Seuity, Snapchat has a problem that allows the user sending the pic to be identified.

The reason that people use Snapchat is to be able to send pics and video that are later suppose to self destructed in 10 seconds. The pictures sent through the app are not suppose tobe able to be copied but because of this flaw they can be saved despite the apps actions to erase them.

How are users identified exactly? Well, the hacker is able to get the users name and phone number but looks like (at least for now) that they are not able to get any other information. Gibson Security also said that Snapchat knew about the problem back in August but did nothing to fix the problem.

Hopefully this problem can be fixed soon since stalkers are able to get their victims phone number and other info and locate them in real life. So far Snapchat has not said anything about the problem but hopefully they will soon.

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