Snoopy and Charlie Brown Cases for Samsung Galaxy III

Adorable and new Peanut Galaxy S III smartphone cases with the whole gang.

If you love Snoopy and are going to get a Samsung Galaxy S III then these are definitely good news for you. iLuv is the company that is bringing us these adorable Peanut Hard Shell cases that will soon decorate out Galaxy S III Smartphone. As you can see from the images that you have your choice of a few Peanut Characters, including Charlie Brown and Snoopy himself.

Snoopy Character Series

Another great detail is that all the Peanut Galaxy S III Cases (US$34.99)  all have the same price and there is even a Love Snoopy that can be the perfect gift for that special someone. When it comes to choices, you are not going to be able to complain since there is plenty to choose fro, and all sorts of colors too.

Snoopy Character Series

There is no waiting for these cases since they are available now at iLuv and if you get either one, don’t forget to let us know if you are happy with your new Peanut Case for your Samsung Galaxy S III.

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