Snoopy iPhone 4 Jacket: Moonwalk

Dress your iPhone 4 with the cutest Dog in the world: Snoopy, with the Snoopy iPhone 4 Jacket: Moonwalk.

Sometime you just need some cuteness to follow you around and since no Hollywood star is going to do that the Snoopy iPhone 4 case is the next best thing. If you like Snoopy even just a little then it is a good idea to get it since you don’t see many Snoopy case for anything these days. This cute little dog has limited if any other cases on the market and you never know when you might just wake up one day and feel like dressing Snoopy.

If it is something that interests you then you can get the case for US$32 at For that money you will get one great Snoopy case that shows one of the worlds most famous dogs walking on the moon. There is one danger though, that this case if seen by kids can be quite the temptation, so it is best (when not on your iPhone 4) to be kept in a secret place. Enjoy your Snoopy iPhone 4 case.

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