Snowden Revealed Documents Indicate that U.S Government Spied on Google, Swift and a Brazilian Oil Company

The spying continues and now it is known that the U,S government also spied on Google and a Brazilian oil company.

Just when you think that things can´t get any worse something like this comes up. Thanks to the documents that Edward Snowden revealed, it is known that the U.S government has spied on Google and a Brazilian Oil company. Brazil has already showed how mad they are about this whole spying thing when the president canceled a trip to the US and now this,wow. So far it is not known what type of information the NSA may have obtained but I have a feeling that Brazil is going to demand that the NSA reveal that information.

Brazil Spied on by NSA

The NSA didn´t only spy on these two companies but they also spied on a company that facilitates most of the worlds international bank transfers. The report also mentioned that all three companies are in an NSA training manual for new agents on how to target the private computer networks on big companies.  There are also other reports that say that the NSA and its British countrpaart had developed ¨new access opportunities¨into Googles computers by 2012. So far there is no info into how extensive the project was and what data was accessed.

This is not going to be the last time we hear about the NSA spying on certain companies. They have given their reasons as to why they do spy and what they do not do but I don´t think that the explanation they give is going to make million of people any calmer and they will continue to feel even more insecure.

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