Snowden´s Location Continues to be a Mystery

Since Snowden left the Russian airpot on August 1st, very little information has risen about him and his location is still unknown.

Instead of Where is Wally?, the question  is Where is Snowden?. That is something that very few people know and something they are not going to reveal. The only thing that is known about his location is that he is somewhere safe, that´s it. He could very well be in Moscow or the suburbs, and we might not ever find out where he is. One piece of bad news for Snowden is that he is running out out money and the Russian senator Ruslan Gattarov is organizing a fund raiser in order to help him out.

Snowden is not the only person in the last 10 years to receive political asylum in Russia, we can´t forget about the brother of the Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosesiv and the British double agents that leaked sensitive information to the Soviet Union. There is one piece of good news for Snowden and that is that he is going to enjoy his father visit in the following weeks. Lon, Snowden´s father has already applied for the visa and is awaiting its approval. Snowden is also waiting the approval of his friends and when everyone has arrived, he will make some decisions on some very important matters.

Snowdens lawyer is not available at this moment since he has gone on vacation for a month. Snowden is safe for now but there are things that he is not going to be able to do due to the kind of security he needs. He won´t be able to do things such as go for a walk in the Red Square or go fishing. For now Snowden has dedicated himself to learning Russian and reading translations of Russian Novels. His one year political asylum allows Snowden to go anywhere he pleases in the Russian territory and even have a job but just as long as it is not in the civil service.

So far it is not known is Snowden can have what we call a normal life and it is even possible that he asks for political asylum in Latin American countries. If anything else comes up about how Snowden is doing or if anything has happened to him, we will definitely let you know.

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