Solar Charging iPad Case

Charge your iPad just by sitting in the sun with the Solar Charging iPad Case.

Just the though of not being able to use one’s iPad can be a frightening one but your iPad’s battery is dead there is nothing you can do unless you have something like the Solar Charging iPad Case. You get the best of both worlds, you have a case that protects your iPad and you have a solar panel that gives you that extra juice you need to be able to enjoy your iPda again.

Solar Charging iPad Case

The battery that is integrated into the case gives the iPad up to 10 days of use without needing a charge. The solar panel built into the case’s protective housing uses organic photovoltaic ink–a new technology that converts both indoor and outdoor light into electricity–that constantly charges an iPad. The case gives you access to ports, and is also has a stainless steel stand places an iPad at an optimal 15º angle for typing or watching a movie. With the USB port you can charge smartphones, MP3 players, or Bluetooth headsets, while a built-in HDMI output connects to an HDTV (requires USB and HDMI cables).

If you want to give this iPad case that can offer solar charging a try, it is available at Hammacher Schlemmer and it has a price tag of US$199.95.

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