Sony Ericsson MS500 Bluetooth Splashproof Speaker


Take it to the beach, to the pool and listen to your tunes as time passes by. The wireless speaker ( that works on a pair of AA batteries) gives you 5 hours of listening time. Do not worry about it getting wet, with its splash proof shell, if you hear a sudden splash, do not worry too much about the speaker.

Sony Ericsson MS500 Bluetooth splashproof speaker,  has a range of 32 feet and it also connects to your devices via Bluetooth A2DP ( for stereo streaming from a cellphone or PMP and the AVRCP for remote control). Measuring only 113 x 83 x 45mm,155g with batteries/ 105g without batteries, this is a handy gadget.

It is only capable of giving you amp outputs of a mere 2W, but it is supposedly loaded with DSP to enahce your hearing pleasure. Also featuring a lanyard, so you can clip it onto your belt or wherever you wish for easy access.


You do not have to go directly to the device to control the volume, or press the play button, the Portable Speaker comes with  its own set of play and volume controls. When the Speaker is available ( no word on pricing and availability) you can choose from black and orange colors, like the one in the picture, or white and pink.

The Outdoor Wireless Speaker MS500 is compatible with most Bluetooth phones from Sony Ericsson and other brands.

Via OhGizmo

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