Sony ICD-UX200 (2GB) and ICD-UX300 (4GB) Voice Recorders

The ICD-UX200 and the ICD-UX300 are Sony’s latest voice recorders that will be available soon. Get Specifications,availability and price for the upcoming Sony ICD-UX200 (2GB) and ICD-UX300 (4GB) Voice Recorders.

In the news world having a voice recorder is very important but it is also important in other fields and since Sony knows that they have brought us 2 voice recorder, the Sony ICD-UX200 (2GB) and ICD-UX300 (4GB) the latest 3-In-1 digital voice recorders . They may be voice recorders but are capable of doing other things such as working as an MP3 player and as a USB flash drive for storing your data, and they also feature a 5-line LCD display, and a built-in speaker.

Other features that you find in the Sony ICD-UX200 (2GB) and ICD-UX300 (4GB) Voice Recorders are a sliding USB connector and a rechargeable battery that provides up to 14.5 hours in record or up to 53.5 hours of playback. The ICD-UX200 and UX300 will start shipping in December but unfortunately there is no price info just yet but as soon as Sony announces it we will let you know so you know how much money to take out of Mr. Piggy Bank.

Good Luck on your Voice recording missions!

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