Sony Music Entertainment Greece Website Hacked

Kind of tired of repeating the same thing but it just keeps on happening, Sony has been hacked again but this time their site in Greece.

This is becoming a routine that I never though I was going to start doing, you know, every fews days announce that Sony or a Sony related company has been hacked. I think that it has been pointed out that Sony needs to invest a lot in security since the Sony Music Entertainment Greece Websites are the ones that have been hacked this time. You are sure what to do, laugh or just stare at your display in awe. This time 8,500 accounts were peeked into and it was where fans can subscribe to newsletters.

The attack took place Sunday Evening and were discovered later that evening. Thanks goodness that no credit card info was taken but some valuable info such as Usernames, passwords, email addresses and phone numbers were taken. The SME Greece websites have been shit down and just like the US one, will be up and running once it has gone through a security sweep. These kinds of attacks are sure to continue since it has been found that Sony Japan has a weak security for their site and Thailand and Indonesia have already reported unauthorized access.

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