Soon it May be Illegal to Use Your Cell Phone While Driving

It is getting a little too real that it may soon be illegal to use our cell phone while we drive, should we shake in our boots?

We have been told numerous times that we shouldn’t use our cell phones while we drive but we just don’t listen. I am not going to lecture on on how many accidents there are every year that involved someone using a cell phone but looks like things have gotten so bad that it may soon be illegal to use your cell phone while you drive. Looks like they have gotten tired of giving so many warnings.

“It shouldn’t matter if the driver is distracted by a conversation with another vehicle passenger, tuning the radio, eating a snack, or talking on a cell phone,” said Biller in a statement on the matter. “Existing laws cover all those distractions and more.”

This is not something that is only going to apply in certain states, it will be illegal to text and talk on our cell phones. So, if an officer sees s phone even near your ear, get ready for a ticket. LaHood announced the proposal at a summit in Texas this week. He pointed out that 38 states already have laws on the books banning or restricting the use of cellphones while driving, but this new federal law would supersede those.


Using our cell phones will driving makes us as slow as being drunk and driving. If this is ever a realty, there are going to be some really made drivers but these laws were and are made for our own good. What’s your take on the matter?

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