SpareOne Cellphone Runs on a single AA Battery

With the SpareOne emergency cell phone all you need is one AA battery. Very handy having a cell phone that uses a AA battery to function.

When we look into getting a smartphone, we obviously want to know things like display size, camera capacity, display resolution, Etc. The smarter the smartphone is the better but what would happen if you forget to charge your smartphone and there is some kind of emergency and the power is out.

SpareOne Cellphone

You have no way of contacting loved ones and friends but witht he SpareOne Cellphone, as long as you have one AA, which most of us do, you are saved. Believe it or not that is all this smartphone needs to work. You should know that this is no smartphone, this is one dumb cell phone since the only thing it can do is make calls, nothing else.

When an emergency arrives, that is all you will want to do, make that one call to your loved ones and make sure that they are O.K. The SpareceOne Cellphone gives you 15 hours of talk time and get this, 15 years of Standby. You can insert a SIM card from your dead smartphone and use it on th SpareOne but even if you donĀ“t have a SIM you can still call 911.

SpareOne Cellphone

It just keeps getting better since it only has a price tag of US$50 and it is going to be available in March. Sound like something you want in your quake kit?

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