Spell Up – The New Google Chrome Spelling Game

New spelling game exclusively for Chrome users makes you participate in a spelling bee by using your voice.

It is always a good idea to improve our spelling and learn new words. That way the next time our friends use a word they think we don´t know, we can clearly let them know we know as many words as they do. One tool we can use if Google latest experiment called Spell Up which basically is a spelling game we can play but by using our voices.

Google Chrome Spell Up

If you want to play Spell Up by Google, you just have to go to chrome.com/spell up and you are good to go. Spell Up works at its best on Chrome computers but it also works on Chrome for Android smartphone and tablets. The downside is for iOS users since they will actually need to type their answers instead of using their voice.

Spell Up is not hard to play since you just need to worry about spelling the words correctly and if you don´t make any mistakes, you will see a tower build up. The higher the tower gets the harder the challenges will be. You will have to solve word jumbles, pronounce words correctly and then guess the mystery word. If you want to level up faster they you will have to earn coins and bonuses for that.


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