Spy Software Installed in Over 140 Million Android Smartphones

CarrierIQ is responsible for creating a spy software that has been secretly installed in over 140 Million Android smartphones all over th US.

I think that just about everyone has heard what some call a joke and other reality that the government is constantly watching us through scanning the foods we buy at the cash register or what we buy at Best Buy. The “entity” that is watching us now is a company called CarrierIQ and the person we have to thank for letting us know what this company was up to is security researcher Trevor Eckhart.

What this spy software did was gather a huge amount of user data and then send it to the mobile companies such as Verizon and Sprint. This software was was breaking some major privacy laws and so far was getting away with it. Nokia and Blackberry smartphone also had this spy software installed but so far neither company has commented on the issue.

This can definitely be called an authentic rootkit but that didn’t stop CarrierIQ from wanting to take action against the security researcher claiming that he infringed its copyrights and made unspecified “false allegations” about its software. Among other things, the company demanded that Eckhart turn over contact information for every person who had obtained the files from him, and that he replace his analysis with a statement—written for him by Carrier IQ—disavowing his research.

CarrierIQ backed down from taking legal action after various organizations including Electronic Frontier Foundation stepped in giving their support to the security researcher. The foundation said that CariierIQ had a very weak case since As the Copyright Act says, “the fair use of a copyrighted work . . . for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting . . . or research, is not an infringement of copyright.”

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