Square Presents New Appointments Online Scheduling System

Small business can now enjoy a new appointments scheduling system online thanks to Square.

When small business wanted to process credit card transactions they would normally turn to Square for that but they wanted to offer small business more than that. That is why Square now offer a new online appointment scheduling system and now small business are now able to add an appointment widget to their Email signiture or to their site.


Square Presents New Appointments Online Scheduling System


This new feature will surely motivate customers to schedule appointments online but Square does want people to remember that this only works for appointments and not reservations. You can also use Appointments as a standalone product and Appointments can also synchronize with your calendar, so you can forget about the dashboard.

Also available in the companies dashboard is an inventory tracking system and an invoicing feature. If you are interested in Appointments, it is available for U$90 for unlimited staff, US$50 for 2-5 employees and US$30 for sole owners.

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