Stair of the Dog 2022 – Prototype of Stair Lift for Pets

The Stair of the Dog 2022 is a prototype of a pet lift, possibly for disabled or elderly dogs.

Normally when we hear that someone is using a star lift, we usually think that the people getting that ride are elderly people that can’t make the trip up the stairs on their own,  but pets? This is just a prototype for now but I sure hope I never see it in stores because if owners are not walking their dogs, this is going to definitely make them even forge to walk. Wondering who would think of such an invention? The Stair of the Dog 2022 was designed by UK pet insurance company MORE TH>N, and time will tell what happens.

Stair of the Dog 2022

There is a plus side to this pet lift. Maybe your Golden retriever has had some kind of surgery and and doesn’t have the energy to walk up so many stairs just yet and you don’t have the strength to carry him up their, then the pet lift would really  come in handy. Since it is only a prototype for now there is no word on how much the pet lift might set you back but it would not be much of a surprise if we hear that this pet lift was just a prank considering that we are so close to April 1st. Would you like to see the pet lift in stores.

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