Steve Ballmer to Retire as CEO

Looks like Steve Ballmer is living his lasts moments as Microsoft´s CEO as the company announces his retirement.

As shocking as this many sound to many, it looks like we will soon see the retirement of Steve Ballmer. Many of us thought that he was going to stay with the company until his final day on this earth but looks like that is obviously not going to happen. For now there is no official date for his retirement but it is going to happen 12 months after his replacement is found. Ballmer stated that it is never a good time to retire but he feels that right now is a good time. He also said that Micrososft has embarked on a new strategy with a new organization and that they have an amazing Senior Leadership Team.

At first he imagined his retirement happening in the middle of Microsofts  transformation to a devices and services company but he realized that the company was going to need a CEO that was going to be there longer than that. Ballmer has been with Micrososft for quite some time, he first joined Microsoft back in 1980 and was the company´s13th employee. He became CEO when Bill Gates resigned in 2000 and now is announcing his retirement.

The board of Directord has already set up a committee to supervise the the appointment of his successor that will be headed by John Thompson and will have Bill Gate on board.  Ballmer is not leaving tomorrow but before you know it it is going to be his final day at Microsoft. Many might think that with Ballmer gone, Microsoft can finally do things that will make them the company they once were, Do you Agree?

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