Street Fighter IV HD Comes to Android – Win More than $21,000 in Prize Money

Play Street Fighter and get a chance to win some serious prize money in an international gaming tournament thanks to Capcom and LG.

Ah the good ól days when Street Fighter the game of the moment and apparently it still is since almost a year since we heard LG and Capcom talk about bringing games to Android, the first game has already arrived. Android users are finally going to be able to play Street Fighter IV HD on Android and on top of there are also going to an international competition to find the best Street Fighter in the world and that winner has a chance to win over US$21,000 in prize money, nice!.

Each country that decided to participate will hold its own Srteet Fighter battle and the finalists from each event will be flown to Seoul where they will battle it out on TV over 5 episodes on Korean cable game channel OnGameNet. If you live in the US nad want to participate you can do so by going here, Street Fighter IV HD will be exclusively available on AT&T LG Nitro HD smartphone in the US and the LG Optimus LTE in Korea and Japan. Capcom has optimized the game for dual-core processors and it will be available with full HD graphics at 720p resolution. The US qualifying tournament is going to be on January 14th so hurry unless you want ot be left out.

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