Super Bowl 2014 Budweiser Commercial That Will Make You Cry

A friendship between a Clydesdale and a Labrador puppy is what will make you cry in the new Super Bowl 2014 Budweiser Commercial.

Last year Budweiser made us cry when the actor Don Jeanes raised a Clydesdale until the company came and picked him up. When the horse left the ranch, we saw how Don missed the horse but was happy when he discovered that they Cyldesdale horses were coming to town. The reunion at the end was something that made us all cry but if you cried with last ears Super Bowl commercial, you will definitely cry with this one too.

In the 2014 Super Bowl commercial from Budweiser we can see how Don continues with his love for horses but with a woman raising labrador´s nearby. While other puppies are sowing their cuteness to a possible owner, this puppy only has the need to see his Clydesdale friend. Over and over again he escapes from the ranch in order to see his friend.

One day, this adorable lab is adopted and while his new owner is driving away with him, the puppy cries for his friend. The Clydesdale responds by running after him and calling other Clydesdale´s for help. At the end, we see the lab coming back to the ranch accompanied by all the horses. I have to admit that I cried like a baby and I think you will too.

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