Superlikeables: Tinder is already decided for you who you will like


We mentioned a few weeks ago, Tinder knows a lot more about you than you think. The app most used in the world to flirt and saves the data from everything you do in it: to who you give it to me like, whom you reject, how you talk, who…

Now you are ready to use all that information and, to this end, it has launched a new functionality: the Superlikeables.

Since it was launched Tinder have been produced 20,000 million of crush in the whole world

That is to say, from now on, Tinder will show those profiles of users who know that you are going to like it. How are you going to do? Will use the Artificial Intelligence and the intersection of all collected information to determine who you can attract.

For example, if you scroll to the right, profiles of blondes, Tinder from now on take him into account. The same with any other quality of as many as you can see in his picture or also in their descriptions. If, for example, does not usually indicate you like anyone over the age of 40 years, the app also will take into account.

What are the benefits of profiles Superlikeables? Basically, you are shown otherwise. Periodically, they will appear in groups of four –so until you have four profiles “compatible” does not show you – and you’ll be able to send a Super Like who of them you like.

Yes, it will be necessary to send a “Super Like”, this tool that, according to Tinder, multiplied by three options for making “crush”. You will not be able to send a “I like” normal”.

The more you use Tinder the more they learn the algorithm of the tool how would you like to be the person you want to find. Do you still not have given your other half on the platform? According to data of the company, since it launched five years ago have produced more than 20,000 million of “crush” in the world…

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