Swaive Intelligent In Ear Thermometer

Swaive is an easy to use and read digital thermometer for people of all ages.

Getting sick i never a pleasant experience and especially if there is a fever involved. Thermoemters are always a must have accessory in our homes but one that is compatible with our iPhones is even better. The Swaive In Ear Thermometer that has a US$80 price tag and comes with a free app.


Swaive Intelligent In Ear Thermometer


After the temperature is taken the information can be sent to the Health app in iOS 8 and it can also be shared with other apps. If you prefer you can also see the info in a nice graph on the health app, the choice is up to you.

The transferring of data is possible thanks to the Bluetooth LE and it also features LED lights, so you can take your child´s temperature without having to turn on the lights. This is also a great device for those who don´t get along with technology since it is very easy to use and read.

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