Syrian Group Takes Responsibility for Hacking Skype

Bad news for Skype users since the service has been hacked and a Syrian group  has taken responsibility.

Skype has been hacked and the people responsible for the hack is a Syrian group of hackers called the Syrian electronic Army. Steve Ballmer´s contact information was posted and on its Twitter account everyone could see a message that said, ¨You can thank Microsoft for monitoring your accounts/emails using this detail.#SEA¨.

When the group posted this message they were referring to what Edward Snowden revealed last year when we all found out that Skype was one of a few companies that collaborated with the NSA. On Skype´s official Twitter page a message that said ¨Don´t use Microsoft Emails like Hotmail and Outlook, they are monitoring your accounts and selling the data to the governments. More details soon.#SEA¨ was posted.

The messages don´t end there since other messages were posed on Skype´s official web page and their Facebook  page. The SEA also tweeted out copies of the message ¨for those who missed it¨. Microsoft has not said anything for now on the situation but hopefully we will hear something from them soon.

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