T-Mobile Offers Free Calling to and from Haiti

T-Mobile to provide FREE calls to and from Haiti and we as FREE roaming. T-Mobile to also provide special telecommunications equipment.

The earthquake that has hit Haiti is obviously something terrible and not to mention the tropical storm that is around there too, as if things couldn’t get any worse. Everyone who can, is pouring out their support with emotional support or helping by donating money. Now, T-Mobile wants to help those affected by the quake and also those who are trying to help by providing their customers with free calling to and from Haiti.

This great effort by T-Mobile will last all of this month and and will also be applied retroactively to calls made on January 12th. T-Mobile’s effort to help doesn’t end there Mobile USA customers who are now roaming internationally in Haiti are able to make and receive calls for free.This is really going to help aid workers and those trying to track down family and friends still living in Haiti. T-Mobile is going even further to try to help those in need and is also going to be providing telecommunications equipment, including generators and phones, to help rebuild the wireless infrastructure.

Bravo T-Mobile for your great effort to try and help those in need. Sprint is also making an effort to help by donating UD$50,000.00 to the American Red Cross to help all those who desperately need it.

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