Tab Snooze – Save Tabs So You Can Read Them Later

So many tabs to read, so little time. Save for later with Tab Snooze.

Most of us start our day looking at our favorite websites and end up opening quite a few tabs. Before we know it, we have more tabs open than we have time to read, but we don´t want to lose track of them. That´s where Tab Snooze wants to help you by saving all the tabs you don´t have time to read now, so you can read them when you do have time for them.


Chrome Tab Snooze


Downloading Tab Snooze is very easy and you don´t even have to restart your browsers, which is a very good thing if you already have important tabs open. Once you have Tab Snooze installed, you are going to notice a half moon on the upper right hand corner of your browser.


Save for Later Tab Snooze


If you click on it, you will see various options such as saving the tabs for later today. this evening, tomorrow, this weekend, next week, in a month, someday, periodically and pick a date. Lets say you snoozed a tab, but you have time to see it before the date you previously programmed it to re-appear. Not to worry, since you just have to click on the half moon and click on where it says Snoozed tabs on the bottom.

When it is time for a tab to wake up, it is going to automatically re-appear in your browser. You will also see that a desktop notification will let you know that the tab is back and it will stay new until you take a look at it.

For now, Tan Snooze is only available for web browser, but they have plans to turn it into an Android and iOS app as well.

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