Take Great Pictures on Your Smartphone with These Tips

Take better pictures with your smartphone with these helpful tricks.

If you love taking pictures like me, then you probably have hundreds of them in your album. A lot of them many be funny pictures you created with an online editor. Unfortunately, some of them may be pictures you would rather erase than keep. Maybe the angle wasn´t the right one or maybe it was out of focus, but the bottom line is that you may never get that moment back again. If you want to take crisp pictures with your smartphone, just follow these easy to understand tips and tricks.

Touch Focus is a feature you don´t want to forget about since it will help you get those great pictures. Just tap the part of the display you want to clear, and it should automatically adjust. With that simple gesture, you will take an excellent picture.

Putting your smartphone just above eye level is another great way to get that perfect image. This is something selfie addicts do all the time, but just in case you didn´t know, here you go. Don´t go overboard, be subtle.

If you can use both hands to take the picture, that would be great. This is an excellent way to keep it steady and will improve the focus of your stills. Adding something in the foreground of your picture is a splendid idea since it will add depth to it and make you an ever better photographer.

Check to see if your phone features the possibility o adjust the ISO, which is the level of sensitivity of the camera to available light. If you are in a place with a lot of light, then you might want to lower the ISO, but if a lower ISO is great for low light settings.

Try to avoid using the flash since it will hurt your pictures. A great trick is to place a small piece of brown parcel tape over the flash and that way you get a softer image. Last, but not least, don´t forget to clean your lens. It is always a good idea to have it as clean as possible. What methods do you use to take great pictures, let me know in the comments.

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