Terminator 5: Genesis – Filming Begins

Filming for Terminator 5: Genesis has begun and of course Arnold Schwarzenegger is in it.

Finally! Filming for Terminator 5: Genesis has begun and this time Arnold is in the movie. Many fans criticised Terminator 4 because it was missing the icon that every Terminator movie has to have: Arnold. This time they are making no mistakes and have brought Arnold back but with him, we can expect actors such as Jason Clark, Jai Courtney, J.K Simmons, Lee Byung Hun and Dayo Okeniyi.Terminator 5 GenesisIn Terminator 5 John Connor travels through time to get to our times to try and train the soldiers that are going to help him fight against Skynet but since the machines can also travel through time, they follow him to our times. As a result, the time period we live inhas turned into a battle field. Not very appealing but hopefully more will be revealed soon that will make the movie more appealing.

Terminator 5 Genesis

Terminator 5 Genesis

It would have been better if Linda Hamilton was in Terminator 5 but only she knows why she didnĀ“t come back. We are going to have to wait until July 1st of 2015 to finally see what the whole movie looks like but hopefully scenes will be leaked as time passes.

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