The 8 MPH Skateboard

Check out this great electric skateboard for beginners, the 8 MPH Skateboard.

If you love skatebording but sometimes get so tired that you barely have the strength to get back home then The 8 MPR Skateboard just might be what you have been looking for. It is available now at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$300. Time to break the piggy bank because if you become the proud owner of this electric skateboard you are going to enjoy

gives you a top speed of 8 mph. It is Powered by a 24-volt battery and the skateboard’s 150-watt motor provides enough horsepower to propel riders up to 143 lbs. The skateboard will only work as it was intended over smooth terrain–even uphill. Hopefully you can lift 26 lbs. since that is what the skateboard weighs and is a classic skateboard with dual kicktails, 4″-diameter solid urethane wheels, and flexible trucks that allow you to carve 8′ turns.

The 8 MPH Skateboard

There is also a patented handheld wireless trigger remote provides three-speed control and when you pull the trigger it accelerates and moving it forward brakes. The 6″ wide 12-ply maple deck is textured with a non-skid surface that provides reliable footing. You can remove the rechargeable battery and provides a range of six miles from a three-hour charge using the included adapter. Ages 8 and up with adult supervision; helmet and protective gear should be worn at all times.

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