The Best Products and Devices Presented at the MWC 2015

The best of #MWC 2015 that took place in Barcelona.

As the end of the Mobile World Congress gets closer and closer, the only thing that is left for us to do is to digest all that we have seen. The giants in the mobile industry and brought out their big guns and can now only cross their fingers that us (the consumers) will decide to buy their latest devices.

When these type of events come to an end, we also have the tendency to criticize the devices that were presented and decide which one stole the show. Since we all have such different opinions on which smartphone is actually the best, the following list is actually what I think were the best smartphones presented at MWC 2015.

#1 Samsung Galaxy S6

There is no doubt that the best smartphone presented at the MWC 2015 was the Samsung Galaxy S6. By presenting this great smartphone, Samsung just got everything right. This smartphone is definitely something totally different from what Samsung has presented in the past, and don’ t even get me started on the Galaxy S6 Edge. This last smartphone was definitely something that made us all forget that other smartphone were even presented.


#2 LG Watch Urbane LTE

It might be difficult to believe, but my favorite product in the #MWC 2015, is the LG smartwatch. It is just pure genius that LG found the way to include LTE in a small smartwatch. Pure genius!


#3 HTC One M9

With an attractive and important design, the HTC One M9 has definitely achieved the goal of getting everyone’ s attention. HTC achieved a lot at the MWC, and getting noticed at the MWC 2015 was no easy task with the presence of the Samsung Galaxy S6.


#4 Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

Even though there is not much of a difference from its previous models and being similar to the Xperia Z3 or event he Z2, the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet has become my 4th favorite product at the MWC 2015.  Not only is this tablet completely waterproof, but it is now part of the thinnest tablets out there thanks to its 2.4cm.


#5 Huawei Watch

Even though the LG smartwatch is superior than the Huawei, this last smartwatch can definitely be called the most elegant smartwatch on the market. It is definitely one elegant smartwatch with is zafira display, and there is no doubt that it will look good on anyone’s wrist.

These were what I thought were the best devices presented at the Mobile World Congress 2015, but which ones do you think should have made the list?

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