The New iPad – First Batch Sold Out

Haven’t pre-ordered The New iPad? Bummer since at Apple the first batch is sold out and shipping dates are pushed back.

If you haven’t pre-ordered by now then it looks like you are going to need to wait a little longer in order to get your New iPad since the initial stock of the tablet have been sold out. Orders are now shipping March 19th instead of March 16th but this is only if you order from Apple but there are other retailers like Best Buy and other stores that might have better luck. This is if you have the tendency or always ordering from Apple.

The New iPad Apple

This was something we were all expecting  and that obviously come true. The next thing we are obviously going to see if the long lines when the iPad is available everywhere and the possible fights that are going to break out. Its understandable that everyone wants to get there hands on the improved iPad. Lets not forget the people that buy the iPad just to break it minutes after purchase just because they  can.

So hurry, if you can oder the iPad from somewhere else, then do so quickly before you have to wait who knows ho long for the next stock of New iPads to come. Have you gotten use to the name yet?

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