The New iPad – Takes Almost Twice as Long to Charge

The New iPad was torn apart and some problems were found that may or may not affect it sales.

The New iPad has not even been released yet and it is already showing some problems. With all the improvements on The New iPad maybe the “issues”are not going to be much but after a short while after the release, we will see what the users have to say about it. iFixit tore apart The New iPad and found those two issues that might or might not be an “issue”.

It was discovered that the new iPad took hours longer to charge than the iPad 2. This is obviously bad news for those who are always on the run and take advantage of the little time they have left before they have to leave for the office. That is what was discovered with the 42.5-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.

Another issue that users are going to notice is the noticeable warmth coming from the bottom left corner of the new iPad. It is not going to get to the point where it will burn you or get hot, just warm enough for you to notice. What is causing this problem, it is suspected that the LTE is the likely cause because the battery will presumably cover most of the surface area of the device. It was also confirmed that the New iPad gets “a bit warm” when using LTE for a long time.

We all knew that something was going to be wrong with the New iPad since every Apple device has the tendency of having some kind of set back. If its not the poor signal it is what we have already mentioned.

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