Tinggly Allows You to Give International Experiences

Give the perfect gift this Christmas with Tinggly.

Christmas is getting closer and closer. That means that you should be thinking about what you are going to give your loved ones, but what if you have no idea what to give them? Don´t have a nervous breakdown and try Tinggly. This new service allows you to buy the perfect experience and it is the person receiving the gift the chooses the experience.


Experiences Tinggly


The service is new so there isn´t a long list of prices just yet, but more prices are coming in 2015. For now, it starts with the $215 experience and the $250 and $625 experience are coming soon. The person receiving the gift can choose his or her experience on a world map that will display experiences in 50 countries. You can either choose from walking with the lions in South Africa or a helicopter ride over Las Vegas.

Buying the experience is easy and there is no need to register, their site is waiting for you. You won´t have to hassle creating a username and a password. You are going to need to decide which credit card/debit card you are going to use to pay for the experience. Once you are done with that you can either notify the lucky receiver by a post o printing it out and handing it to them personally.


Global Adventure Tinggly


With Tinggly you will always end up looking good because it is the other person that chooses the experience. If they don´t like the experience, it is not going to be your fault. Something else you are definitely going to love is that the purchase is valid for 2 years after the purchase. So, if your friend is not going to Argentina until next year, no problem!.

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