Tor – Navegate Anonymously Through the Internet

If you are tired of being spied on then Tor is something you just might be interested in since it allows you to navigate the Internet anonymously.

After the whole PRISM thing exploded, it was understandable that we were all a little paranoid about who might be reading our Emails or registering what sites we were visiting. That is why we turned to services such as Silent Circle but since the US didn´t like not knowing what info their citizens were sending in their EMails, the US pressured Silent circle and other services that provided the same service to shut down. Hopefully that will not happen with Tor since it has really become a popular software in order to protect our privacy.

With Tor, no one is going to be able to know what your IP  address is or what sites you have been visiting since there is no reason for the government to think you are a national threat just because you visit an armory site every once in a while.What Tor does in order to protect your privacy is that it bounces your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world. Another good thing about Tor is that it works withquite a few of your existing apps including web browsers, IM cliente, remote login and other apps based on the TCP protocol.

Tor is completely free and it is available for you to install right now. If you do decide to try iy out, don´t forget to let us know what you think about it and if you feel safer with Tor.

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