TOX – Instant Messaging without the Spying

If you just don´t trust Skype anymore but need to use those kind of services, then TOX just might interest you.

When the whole NSA thing came out and it was made public that SKYPE revealed private user information, some may have stopped using SKYPE or may have continued but only because they needed the services for some reason. If you have been searching for a service replace SKYPE, then TOX just might interest you. The downside is that it is not available just yet and on the TOX official site, there is no sign of an official release date but hopefully we won´t have to wait long.

TOX claims to offer its users what SKYPE can´t and that is security. It will give users the same features that SKYPE offers such as instant messaging, calls and video calls. TOX also claims that it would never ask its users to pay for the features they offer and that it also claims that you are not going to have to learn complicated codes in order to use it. At least with TOX you are not going to be bothered with annoying ads but that is what they say now but hopefully that won´t change.

SKYPE has not made any comments on their new competitor but I doubt that they are worried for now. When TOX is up and running and SKYPE users start to leave and join TOX, maybe that is when SKYPE might actually do something. For now, al we can do is wait until TOX becomes available and time will tell if it is a real SKYPE competitor.

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