Toys for Kids – Christmas 2009 Toys

Toys for Kids for this 2009 Christmas. Tech toys for kids. Recommended kid toys for a great Christmas gift.

Lets face it, nowadays kids want more sophisticated toys. Some are just not happy with the kind of toys one use to play with when small, sure they may not have been as high tech like the toys we see today but one had fun. With Christmas right around the corner looking for toys that your kid is going to like is of great importance.

Our first Toy is the The Apache Helicopter.

Specifications for The Apache Helicopter

With this tech toy your kid will be playing with a 4 channel RC Apache Helicopter that features a Full function remote control that makes the helicopter move forward, backward, up, down, left and right. The helicopter Flies over 30 meters high and features a 4 channel radio control duel propeller system and stable hover.

Not forgetting its a revolutionary co-axial rotor technology and a 7.4v 850mAh Li-Po rechargeable battery. With this tech toy you get real helicopter performance with flight stabilizing system, 2x 130 Brushed Motor and FM 4CH transmitter. Up to 10 minute flight times with flight range of 120ft.

Price and Availability for the Apache Helicopter

If you think that this is the right tech toy for you kid then it can be all yours for $99.95.

Our next Tech Toy is the LeapFrog FLY Pentop Computer.

Specifications for the LeapFrog FLY Pentop Computer

This Pentop Computer is able to give your child audio feedback as you write or draw. Thanks to technologies such as Anoto Technology, covered with millions of tiny dots, which form a pattern. In order for Pentop to convert its movements on the paper into something meaningful, Vision Objects’ MyScript Technology has supplied highly accurate handwriting recognition.

In order for this technology to work you have to buy a special paper that way the Pentop Computer recognizes all those small dpts on the paper. The pen comes with several on-board applications, like games, an alarm clock, and a note pad—there are also plans to sell a bunch of different products that take advantage of the technology, like math and spelling workbooks that can offer real-time feedback when you (or hopefully, your kid) make a mistake.

Price and Availability for the LeapFrog FLY Pentop Computer

If you think that your child could really use this item then it can be all yours for $14.99. These have been our tech toys for a great 2009 Christmas and I hope it has been of use.

Kids Toys With so many sales around, it doesn’t hurt to look around and you might find toys like in the image you see on your right side.

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