The TSA Approved Luggage Locator

Thanks to the Luggage Locator you will always know where your luggage is and when it is coming your way on the carousel.

Traveling has its good side and the bad. The bad side of traveling is all the stress we go through not leaving out the idea of not knowing if we are ever going to see our luggage again when we land. As soon as the Captain says it is OK to unbuckle our safety belts, you worry about getting out as fast as you can so someone else won´t steal your luggage.


The TSA Approved Luggage Locator1


The Luggage Locator US$70, that is available at The Sharper Image, is TSA approved and goes to sleep when the plane takes off and wakes up when it lands. It notifies you of your bags location via eMail or text message and it even tells you when you bag is about to show up on the carousel.


The TSA Approved Luggage Locator


The luggage Locator functions in ever country except South Korea and Japan and can be used in all kinds of luggage except all metal luggage. You can use the Luggage Locator app with iPhone 4S and newer iPhones with iOS 7 and above. It also works with Galaxy/Android devices that have Android 2.3 and above.

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