Turkish Mortuary Refrigerators Feature a Warning System that Detects Movement

Turkish mortuaries install a warning system inside their refrigerators just in case someone inside wakes up.

It is no joke when someone is declared dead and then soon after suddenly wakes up either at their own funeral or inside a mortuaries refrigerators. Before is someone were to wake up suddenly “after being declared dead” there was no way that the person could call for help but now with these new refrigerators that is all going to come to an end.


“If the patient, proclaimed dead by doctors, awakens from a state of unconsciousness, then we consider each and every possibility,” he said.

These new Turkish mortuary refrigerators are very sensitive to movement and any sort of movement will set off an alarm that will let workers know. The official, Akif Kayadurmus, added that the refrigerator doors were kitted out with internal door handles. The mortuary in the municipality of Malatya province, has a capacity for 36 bodies.

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