Twellow – The Twitter Yellow Pages

Look for Twitter users by category and only follow the people that share your interests with Twellow.

It was definitely exciting when we created our very first Twitter account. The first thing we wanted to do was to follow just about everyone so we could get all kinds of news. After a while we realized that we only says tweets about subjects that don´t interest us at all. Whether you are creating your very first Twitter account or re organizing your existing account, Twellow is a tool you will definitely want to use in order to get tweets about things that you actually care about.

You can sign into Twellow using your Facebook account or registering directly onto the site. Once you have done that, you will obviously need to synchronize your Twitter account with your Twellow account so you can follow whomever you want with just once click. You will be able to choose from categories such as Recreation and Sports, Entertainment, Society and Culture, News and Media, Health, Computer and technology, Government, Education, and the list goes on and one in Twellow.

Lets say you click on Computers and Technology. Once you are in you will see a series on sub-categories to choose from so you can find exactly what you are looking for. You will see sub-categories such as Software, Geeks, Search Engines, computer hardware, website review, web 2.0computer and repair and so on. Twellow gives you so many options that it is extremely easy to find yourself using the site for hours on end. I guess it is difficult to control oneself when you finally find the group of people you are looking for. The site is completely free to use which makes it even more attractive. Lets us know what you think of Twellow if you decide to sign up.

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