UK Store Still Sell Samsung Galaxy Tab Despite Ruling

UK Stores are still selling Galaxy Tab, are they going to against court orders?

We are all more than familiar with the battle between Apple and Samsung and that Apple has achieved that stores stop Galaxy Tab. First It was Australia and other lawsuits in other countries but he latest ban is in Europe but stores are still selling the Galaxy Tab, why?

Galaxy Tab 10.1

It is not that store are going against any court order it is just that the store themselves have not received any direct order not to sell the tablet. Huh? Yup, it is Samsung that has received the order not to supply stores with the tablet not for stores not to sell whatever existing stock they have. So that’s the deal, stores can sell whatever existing tablets they have. Time will tell how this is going to hurt Samsung when stores run out of tablets. So, now you know, if you want a Galaxy Tab, put on your running shoes.

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