Universal Memory Card Reader

The Universal Memory Card Reader keeps you from having to buy different readers for different memory cards and reads a variety of memory cards. Keep reading to see what kind and it price.

Most Laptops,PC, and Netbooks usually already have a memory card reader but there are some computers that don’t, either because the manufacturer did not include it or because the computer you may have is an older model and in order not to have to go but yourself a completely new computer just to  have that feature it is a much better idea to get yourself the Universal Memory Card Reader. The Universal Memory Card Reader features the ability to read more than 70 memory card formats, eliminating the need for different readers.

Thanks to its six slots it can support 23 CompactFlash cards, 23 Memory Stick cards, 24 MMC and SD cards, microSD cards, xD cards, and SIM cards.  The Universal Memory Card Reader has a slim design that makes it attractive. and it can be plugged into a Mac or PC running Windows 7, Vista, or XP using its built-in USB cable. The Universal Memory Card Reader can be all your for  $29.95 and you can get it at hammacher.com.

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