University Students are Allegedly Being Forced to Put Together the PS4

If Chinese reports are true, university students are being forced to put together the PS4.

These are some very serious allegations but there are some reports that say that Foxconn is making university students work putting together the PS4 for free. The students from the IT engineering program at the Xi´an Institute if Technology are being told that of they don´t put together the PS4 they are going to be denied 6 credits they need in order to graduate. The program is suppose to be an Internship  that is promoted by the school but the students are saying that they are assigned to do things that have nothing to do with their field of study.

Students are being assigned to do things such as peeling off the PS4 ´s protective plastic and then putting on stickers. Other students were assigned the task of putting manuals and cords inside the consoles box and that they are working the exact same hours as the Foxcon workers that are there voluntarily, unlike the students. Foxconn has said that the students are free to leave when they want but sis not specify that they would not loose any credits if they did leave. The students have also said that they besides working like a regular employee, they are also working night shifts. I don´t think that Foxconn is going to admit these accusations, in the case that they are true but I guess all we can do is wait and see where this goes.

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