Up to 100GB of Free Online Backup with Degoo

Degoo offers its users up to 100GB of FREE backup while Dropbox only offers 2GB.

There are so many ways we can end up losing out files, and that is why the experts are always reminding us to backup our files online. You may already be using an online backup service such as Dropbox, but a new service called Degoo is at least worth a look into.


Degoo 100GB Free Online Backup


Degoo.com offers its users 100GB of free online backup, and it is currently in its beta stage.. Degoo offers a distributed file storage while services such as Dropbox offersserver based storage.

How can you get the 100GB of Free online backup? The amount of free space you get will depend on how much space you share and how much of your computer is online.

Degoo allows its users to backup as many files as they wish and they don´t have to use a certain folder for the backup.Users can even backup their entire hard drive if they want, but since it´s in its beta stage there are a few things that are not available right now.

Degoo is not available for Linux and there is no app for Android or for iOS.  If all goes well, I think the company will definitely launch one eventually. If you are interested in trying out Degoo you can sign up for a free account right now.

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