Verizon to Discontinue Unlimited iPhone Data Plan

Verizon to discontinue their unlimited iPhone plan but what will happen to those currently using it?

I guess some things are just not meant to be and the unlimited iPhone data plan is one of them. Verizon is going to discontinue this plan at the end of Summer so I guess one has to enjoy it while it lasts. This piece of information is more than confirmed since it has come from Fran Shammo who just happens to be Verizon’s Chief Financial Officer.

The Verizon iPhone that only has a month of life for now has an unlimited data plan of only US$30 a month that surely is going to be used to its fullest while it lasts. This piece of information should not come as a surprise since Verizon did say that this was for a limited time but it is still sad to see it go. If you currently have this plan you are probably worried as to what is going to happen to your plan. Not to worry just yet since people who have the service will get to keep it but as long as their contract lasts. Once your contract is over bye bye plan.

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