Video of Fireman Rescuing a Kitten is a Hit in the Social Networks

The video of a Fireman rescuing a kitten is a huge hit since it already has over 1 million views.

At least for me, it is always something emotional when one see´s a video of an animal being rescued and it is obviously very sad when that animal doesn´t survive. In the following video we are going to see hoe a Fresno Fireman rescues a kitten that looks to be no older then 2 months from a fire. The fire didn´t seem to spread very far but the smoke obviously did since the kitten was clearly unconscious. When the kitten was spotted he was taken outside where the Fireman who rescued him put an oxygen mask on him and in a few seconds you can see how the kitten comes to life.

The name of the fireman who rescued him is Cory Kalanick  and he is now a true hero to all. He was able to record everything thanks to a camera that he had mounted on his helmet. The Kitten was named Lucky and he was preciously rescued when he was found abandoned in a supermarket cart but looks like the poor little guy used his last life since he dies shortly after being taken to a rescue center in order to treat his injuries. He dies of lung damage because of the heavy smoke.

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