VITAband Medical ID Bracelet

VITAband Medical ID bracelet is the latest gadget that can store your entire medical history and make payment easier than a credit card. Continue reading for prices and more features.

In the event of an emergency the first moments are the most important. If paramedics could know as much information about you as possible it would make their job a  lot easier and less stressful. Unless you are conscious, you are obviously not going to be able to tell the doctor if you are allergic to anything but now thanks to the VITAband Medical ID Bracelet you won’t have to say a word. With the VITA band you will be able to carry around with you your entire medical history on your wrist.

With the VITAband Medical ID Bracelet payment is also easier because the only thing you have to do is tap your wrist since PLUS gives access to tap payment technology through a RFID chip. The VITAband is going to set you back $39.90 and an annual fee but after all of that you will only have to pay $19.95 a year to store your medical files and pay with a tap.

vitaband_braceletI think this is a great idea because for those who do have health conditions and if in an accident might not be able to tell the paramedics what treatments to avoid.

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