Watch New Star Trek: Into Darkness Trailer

Enjoy the very first trailer of the upcoming Star Trek Movie Into Darkness.

After such a long wait, we can at least see a trailer as what the upcoming Star Trek Movie, called Into Darkness. We can either enjoy the normal version but if you want more, you can also enjoy the extended version. You will be happy to know that you are going to see all your favorite characters and even a new one here or there.

Its not sure but we could also be looking at the possible death of one well know and loved characters but it could all just be a Hollywood tactic to make us go actually pay and watch the movie to find out the answer. If not, we can just ask a friend who has gone and satisfy our curiosity. We are finally going to get to see the great movie until May 17th but time does fly and before we know it we will be in theaters watching it.

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